We at Numa Ridge believe that innovative ideas can be molded into powerful solutions for problems facing our world. That's why we launch projects such as Lostone. With it we seek to not only protect public lands for all to enjoy, but also create new public lands through our own profits.

Based in Montana, we've let our Big-Sky-Country values shape who we are and where we are going.




Casey Greene

Founder | Chief EXECUTIVE Officer

Casey Greene is a designer and strategic thinker who works to activate ideas into solutions. After spending over a decade working in design and marketing for nonprofits and agencies, Casey knows what truly drives meaningful projects and campaigns—and it’s not perfecting the social marketing special-of-the-week. It’s how well you connect with the people you’re trying to help.

Casey has launched numerous outdoor projects, including the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route, and is the founding board president of Bikepacking Roots, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting public lands. He has been labeled a pioneer by numerous outdoor media organizations including the Sierra Club, and was named one of 110 people in the outdoors world who have made a difference over the past 110 years by GearJunkie.

Casey lives in Missoula, Montana, where he loves to run around the mountains with his family.


Nathan Johnson

Founder | Chief Technology Officer

Nathan Johnson is a 15+ year senior C# programmer who can usually be found diving headlong into innovative gaming projects. When not coding his way to a creative solution, he often finds himself in the deep woods, prospecting for lost treasures of all types. He also enjoys building things with mad carpentry skills, plucking on guitars and slowly growing up. Nathan is a co-author of the book Montana Waterfalls: A Guide For Sightseers, Hikers & Waterfall Enthusiasts, a project he lovingly completed with his father.


Tarek J Sabra

VP of Game Development

Tarek J Sabra is a lifelong lover of computer electronics, especially of video games. He has a M.S. in Computer Information Systems and over a decade of tech and IT departmental career experience. Tarek has lived in different parts of the United States and has learned to appreciate the differences in people and the natural landscape everywhere. His high school summers were spent outside the Catskills region in Upstate New York, where his appreciation for nature began to flourish.

Tarek enjoys spending his outdoors time with his wife hiking, visiting vineyards, or walking by a promenade whether in San Francisco or New York. At home, Tarek is either patching together some Python code to automate a boring task, or researching new games and losing himself in them like a child again.